3 Killer Viral Traffic Tactics to Flood Your Website with 100% Hands-off Traffic


What you are about to learn here today is most likely going to go against everything you have ever learned about getting traffic to your website…

In fact, it may even disturb you... but I gotta tell ya…

ever since adapting this new strategy into my websites… well, let’s just say traffic generation has become the least of my worries.

So what is it? Let’s cut to the chase!

What I’m going to teach you today is about making your website traffic go “viral” using strategic assets on your existing website. I’ve finally been able to drill it down to a somewhat simple set of ingredients, which you can implement on your website right now to see immediate increases of traffic!

And we’re not talking any old traffic either! We’re talking about the kind of traffic that builds bigger and bigger every single day the moment the “traffic snowball” starts rolling… all of which is done 100% automatically without any additional input on your end.

Now, before we get into the “how to”, first I want to reprogram the way you think about traffic generation

So, by now you probably know the basics to traffic generation:

  • Build backlinks and SEO your website to get search engine traffic
  • Submit content to other websites in hopes of snagging a few visitors
  • Comment on forums and blogs related to your website to build a fan base
  • etc. etc. etc.

All of this stuff is great for building “seed traffic”, but, as you may have experienced already, these traffic “wins” are short lived – you get traffic for a short amount of time, only to see it die out.

Now here’s where I want to reprogram the way you think…

Are you ready to know the secret to unlocking unlimited amounts of traffic to your website?

Here it is….

The secret to obtaining all the website traffic you’ll ever need is….

—-  to stop spending your time actively getting traffic to your website! —-

Wait, what??? Did I actually advise you to stop working on generating traffic?

The answer is yes, and hear me out to learn why…

What I’ve been discovering is that it’s not about how you get the traffic, but rather, what you do with the traffic once it lands on your website.

The moment you switch your thinking from “getting more traffic” to maximizing the utility of every single visitor who lands on your website, is the moment you’ll never have to worry about traffic generation again.

For now on, I want you to focus more thought on how you can encourage 1 visitor who lands on your website to share your website with 1 more person. This concept is known as viral traffic generation.

So what are some things you can do to your website to make it “go viral”?

You see, making your website go viral is an art work. There’s also no equation that you can follow that will guarantee that your content goes viral either… however, there are things you can do to your website that will greatly improve your websites’ viral factor. That’s what I want to share with you now.

First, let’s focus on your website content

The type of content you place on your website is an extremely crucial factor for viral traffic generation – in my opinion it’s one of the most important factors. Now, that said, if you think it’s as easy as throwing up a generic Amazon product review on your website, well I’ve got news for you, you’re in for a bit of a disappointment!

The rule of thumb for viral content is this: your content has to be so damn good/interesting that your website visitor benefits in some way by sharing your content with someone else.

For example:

I remember about a year ago I saw a video on Youtube titled something like “The Worlds Greatest Jumps”. It was a video of skilled skydivers doing some really insane stuff with wing suits – like weaving in and out of radio tower cables after base jumping from the top of it – you know…crazy shit like that… Anyway, it was so cool…so freakin’ mindblowing that I knew that if I showed this video to my friends, they would be “thankful” that I recommended they watch it. I wanted to be “the guy who showed me that awesome video” – Glory! For that pathetic moment, glory was mine for all of eternity!

Glory – A crude motivation no doubt, but a motivation none the less.

Along with glory, there a few other motivations for people to share your content. Another reason can be greed. More about that at a latter time perhaps…

So anyway, you want to try and invoke these different kinds of emotions into your content & website to give your visitors a motivation to help you out in return!Once there is some sort of motivation, you’ve pretty locked in a strong viral factor for that piece of content.

P.S: On a side note, here are some observations that I’ve noticed about the style of content that is usually a viral success:

  1. Funny
  2. Cute – Puppy and baby taking nap together
  3. Shocking – 10 car pileup car accident
  4. Breaking news
  5. Engaging content – content that gets users commenting & involved
  6. Controversial topics – politically charged content often gets users livid rather quickly
  7. Scandals
  8. Doom and Gloom – World is ending type stuff
  9. Cool stuff that a trained human can do – people love to hear about ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things. This is a huge motivator!
  10. Educational – educationally based content has a lower viral factor because it tends to be more targeted, but it still can go viral if you have the right audience visiting your website.
  11. War
  12. David vs. Goliath stories – man wins case vs. state government. underdog overcomes all odds.
  13. Celebrity – Celebrity content does well especially when there is a fall from grace involved.
  14. Dumb people doing dumb things
  15. There are many more – if you have a good one to share, please comment on this post below!

Second, you should ALWAYS leverage extra space on your website to help you get more traffic!

Right now, on your website, I can guarantee you there are at least 3 places that you aren’t utilizing which you can use to help your website become more automated with viral website traffic. Using special scripts and tools, you can use sidebars to drive Facebook traffic to your website, to build your RSS subscriber list even faster, and even to build backlinks for you!

One crucial area of your website that is often overlooked, which even to this day I catch myself cutting corners), is the content you create! So what do you do?

Simply ask! Ask your visitors to help you out by sharing your content on the different social networking sites they belong to! Remember: It is a natural human response to share exciting new stuff with other people…

Here’s how easy it is:

“If you thought this page was worth your time, could you quickly help us out by sharing this page with a friend? You can like, share, or tweet this page here:


Speaking of which, if you don’t mind… 😉

Third, build up a subscriber base for gods sakes!!

It’s extremely important that you “capture” new traffic that comes in to your website whenever possible. Beg and plead if you have to, but always make sure you put a lot of focus into building up your RSS feed and email list. This is a crucial asset you can leverage at any time to help get new pieces of your content rolling down the road to viral traffic stardom.

Forth,  build up “micro-communities” on your website and other social networking sites. (BONUS TIP)

This is something I’ve been resisting for a long time, but have finally realized it’s something that can no longer be resisted. Look, let’s face it… sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. are here to stay. More and more people are using these sites every single day, so your options are either to fight tooth and nail, or go by the age-old expression “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”.

So, for every site I make for now (that I intend to make into a serious website) I am not only spending effort to build up a presence on the different social networking sites applicable to that niche…

but I am also integrating those social networking sites into my own website!

And the reason why I am doing this for now on is simple. The more you make your own website a “home away from home” to users of a specific social community, the more it benefits you:

  • They spend more time on your website.
  • They’re more likely to subscribe to your site and trust you because of the social elements.
  • And they’re more likely to refer more users on that social network to your website. <— hint hint ****

Do you remember how I said earlier it’s crucial to give someone a motivation to syndicate your content? Now I want you to think think about what benefits Facebook gives webmasters to integrate Facebook into their websites (essentially building Facebook for them for free)… Cool, huh?

And finally… the hidden benefit of establishing these “micro-communities” is that once you establish these little hot-beds of happy subscribers, anytime you publish a piece of content to the web, you can bet your new buddies will be there to help get the viral juices going through their respective social communities!

Now… here’s where I’d like your input…

Two things:

  1. What did you think about this post? Is traffic generation an issue for you? Are you utilizing anything I spoke about above in your website already? Do you have any ideas you’d like to share with other readers of my blog? Let me know by commenting below! I’m trying to make this post into a solid resource for viral traffic generation, so if you have anything else you think we’d benefit by, please share them by commenting below!
  2. And lastly, if you wouldn’t mind, (and I’m certainly very appreciative if you can), would you mind giving this post a shout out to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or +1? Just doing what I can to give some solid content to the community, anything you can do in return is always appreciated! Here are the share buttons you can use:


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  1. Martoons says:

    Hi Dan,
    It’s great you are using Facebook for comments… just wondering… do you think using FB for commenting is better than using just “static” comments (like one might find on a wordpress blog)?

    ALso – when people comment, do their FB friends see that comment they made on their FB page? If so, that would be very viral.

    Nice one Dan.
    Thanks 🙂

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