A Very Inspirational Story Of a Man Who Build a Mansion Out of Mud…

Hey guys! Dan Brock here, and a very long time since my last post – I’ll tell you why in a second

First, I wanted to share with you this very inspirational story of a man who made a mansion out of mud:
>> If You Can’t View the Video, Here’s a Direct Youtube Link to Watch It <<

>> If You Can’t View the Video, Here’s a Direct Youtube Link to Watch It <<

It took him 5 years to build it, and his neighbors laughed and ridiculed him the entire time. “Why don’t you take shortcuts and build your house like every one else around you?” they said… Had he of listened, he’d be living in a mud hut right now like everyone else. But instead,  he’s kicking it in his bad ass mansion!

Lesson learned:

The masses tend to take the easiest route, and they’ll do everything they can to keep you from trying to take the high road. They’ll laugh at you, tell you how dumb you are, tell you how you are wasting your time, tell you that you should do things like everyone else…They’re like crabs who will claw their buddies back into the boiling pot when they are about to make an escape.

It’s your job as an entrepreneur to have the dedication, knowledge, and perseverance to prove the masses wrong.  Initially the high road is a lot more work, but once you overcome the obstacles, the fruits of your labor are much more satisfying in the end.

And just to give you all some updates on what’s going on in my business (and how it effects you).

1) I’ve finally made the commitment to move my business into an office – I just signed the lease this weekend and we move Tuesday. I’m excited about it! I have 1 full time employee at the moment and will be taking that up to 5 full time by the end of the year so I need the space. I’ve been working in my bed room for the past 2 years and decided it’s time to get serious. I want to take my daily work time up to 4 hours per day, and I see the only way for that to be possible for me is if I have an office I can force myself to do work in.

2) I’m starting a new online community geared toward making money online “the lazy way” – This is going to be a totally 100% free to join. My plan is for the site to encompass every way to make money online, but to theme everything to making it all work with as little amount as time spent possible. I am also working out deals right now with a lot of the top online marketers to share fresh new content regularly to our members – and as part of this community one of my goals is to build up a very active discussion board and social network. I think this is going to help a lot of you finally get the gears rolling on your online business. It’s pretty hard to explain the idea in my head for this, but you’ll see where I’m going with it over time.  In order for me to build this community, I will be discontinuing this blog “Dan the Internet Man” and will be moving everything over to my new website, starting next week.

So guys keep an eye out for the announcements of the new site – I think it’s going to change the make money online world significantly. It’ll take some time, but it’s going to be epic.

22 Responses to “A Very Inspirational Story Of a Man Who Build a Mansion Out of Mud…”
  1. Brian E-P says:

    Well done.
    I can already see the vision in your head and it looks great.

    You’ll build a substantial following and community I’m sure.

    I’m looking forward to the roll-out.

    Good luck.

  2. shannon says:

    Persistence, good video. 4 hours a day, you sure you can handle that Dan? I like the sound of your ideas, it sounds like a good plan Dan the man (rhymes). It does sound good and we get the benefit of riding off of your laziness to get the best lazy way to success, awesome.

  3. BigFish says:

    I have been following your Deadbeat program all year and my Amazon totals are finally into the hundreds of dollars per month consistently, most of what I do is work from my bedroom. I have been at this for a long time. Persistence is the only thing I know of that works all the time, if used.

    By the way, I use your article automation techniques on my main service company blog and we are generating thousands of dollars in booked jobs every month. Thanks!

  4. zora says:

    HI dan the man,

    kool, i thank i know that guy in the video ,sound great hope you dont get to tired and take to long to get er going.

    Thank for the show
    To your success

    P.S. your wecome to come by and visit my blog any time .Be sure to leave a comment so i know you come by. http://www.zorablume.com/

  5. Eric says:

    Will your new office be in the Md., D.C area ? Application please. 🙂

  6. admin says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone 🙂

    @Eric, yep, it’s in Maryland, within walking distance from my house so I’ll get a nice healthy dose of exercise every day. I noticed the more I get into building my business the more my exercise suffers.

    I’m also making a small gym inside one of the spare rooms in the office so that should keep me busy hehe.


  7. Rick says:

    Good luck Dan. I live in Maryland too – maybe we can team up on a project one day.

  8. Hey Dan,

    Q: Are you taking your sofa to the office and what about shoes? lol

    Anyone that tell you to give up has never read Napoleon Hill or heard about stopping 10 feet from the gold… Nope, the only thing that could stop me is death.. (getting close though..lol) … Aah! if there’s internet access I’ll still continue…

    I’ve been out here (internet) since 1997 and not a day goes by that I don’t learn something else.. It’s endless; I had to delete the `70’s from the memory banks to make some more room.. lol

    Big Q: Will you be using your RSS feeds for your new project.. Really getting sick of email.. I get spammed to death every day and RSS is way more powerful and way easier to use..

    Take care All, you too Dan..lol

  9. Joe Roper says:


    Thanks for sharing your developing dreams. The man in the story realized his and you are realizing yours. My turn will come, thanks to help from people like you. Cannot afford “front money” any more, spent it all. That’s a little like “burning the boats”, so i must move forward. Thanks again

  10. David says:

    Nice Vid Dan.
    As Bob Proctor says, If you’re going the same way as every body else, you’re probably heading in the wrong direction…

    I am hopefully heading in the same direction as you which, from where I sit, seems to be a different direction to the main stream.

    I was given a copy of your deadbeat affiliate program and started making money straight away. Not a lot, but enough to know I was on to something. I bought your deadbeat millionaire program and it has helped me too…

    I think your forum/ discussion board is a great idea.


  11. Sounds like you are moving forward and doing well in your pursuits! An office? Will you still be in your pajamas? Look forward to your new project!

  12. Somen says:

    Hi Dan,

    Wishing you good luck !!! It will turn out to be great. Look forward to the new online community in the making.


  13. Bo says:

    Well so far i have not earned any dollars yet, but I will follow you and eventually something will happen in the future Bo

  14. Bill says:

    Hi Dan,

    I was thinking along the same lines as you. Hope I can be of any help if needed.

    Wish you the best on your new venture.

    Kindest regards,


  15. Sean Seebran says:

    Hey Dan, thanks for sending me the link to that video, it was truly inspirational. That is a perfect example of why you should not let negative people influence you in your life choices. Like me for instance, I bought the Commission Ignition System and the Deadbeat Super Affiliate from you while getting lots of negative comments from people I call friends.

    It is rare to find someone on this thing we call the internet who is making a great living and is willing to truly teach others ways of reaching their financial goals. You are the genuine article, keep up the good work.

    P.S. Just to show you what great teachers you and Hitesh are, take a look at this:

    http://www.noisecancellingheadphonesauthority.com/ &

    P.P.S. I just wanted to show you what I learnt from your great teaching, please feel free to delete the Web Addresses from the comment if you prefer.

    Looking forward to more from you guys, Sean.

  16. Paula says:

    Thanks Dan, enjoyed the video – good message. Your plan sounds really cool will be waiting with interest. Best of luck to you.

  17. Leon says:

    Enjoyed the video. Inspirational for those whose lives have never seen difficulties or hardship.
    Its like we should appreciate what we have. Well if you have the money then you buy your dreams.
    A lot of us try to build ours just like the man in the video. I have not made any money from the net yet and i am still trying. Hope you succeed in in your new business and site… And I’ll definitely join your community if it comes on later. Good luck to you

  18. Tiago says:


    I’m a bit older than you and contrary to most people here I’m already a businessman, but not online.

    Your insights and ideas are being fundamental for bringing what I already do offline, to do online. However, I’m going slowly, in order to digest what you teach and get something out of the box. Not copying your ideas, mind you. 😀

    And one thing I perceive most people don’t get is that, the people around you try to put you down for fear. They fear you asking them for collaboration, they fear you asking them for money, they fear you succeeding and throwing your reason above their comfort zone and doing something they cannot do.

    They fear and that’s why they will mock your efforts and cause you problems, because they imagine that your mutual proximity could cause them to be involved in your problems, while they could be sitting on their sofa waiting for life to pass by.

    If the readers already haven’t got it, the idea is that you have to find bold and adventurous partners and avoid even talking about what you are doing for those that you know have their butts rooted into their couches.

    That is, when you are starting your enterprise, you always better start without the little people noticing it.

    Kind Regards,

  19. Cararta says:

    Will miss your DeadBeatDan however, think the site idea is great, I want to do the same either for my arthritis or diabetes sites wanted like a forum where people can exchange ideas and get support without spending money as like me most are older and don’t have it. Can’t yet figure out how to set up one

    Still working hard to set up something to make money. Guess I need to go finish my Amazon project which I never completed…need a better theme
    Thanks for all your great ideas
    Carolyn aka

  20. Marie says:

    Hey, I wear my p.j.s to work, but my office does happen to be at the kitchen/den bar. Close to all the action, where I like it. Although, that may not be a good thing? I have an office room at home but feel isolated and want to climb the walls when I use it.

    I can see Dan now, jogging down the lane, getting much needed excercise, in his red robe and socks… oops you better but some slippers on!

    Wishing you all the best Dan.

  21. Chester8111 says:

    I was inspired by the video and how you are moving forward with your business. I owned a brick and mortar business for 17 years. It really does get you out of the bed room and make you work. I wish you the best……

  22. Hello Dan the Man,

    What an appropriate time to hear this message. I am going to listen to my own spirit and intuition.

    Today was one of those days I woke and felt overwhelmed yet went outside to water my beautiful flowere gardens and instantly felt an uplift in spirits standing barefooted on mother earth and enjoying the sunshine and wonderful weather we are having.

    I am excited for you and the next step in your business and life. I am attempting to get an internet business off the ground and am so excited for you. 🙂

    Happy moving and been sure to dedicate the space to be filled with universal unconditonal love and support.

    Blessings & Joy
    Theresa A Thomas

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