A $2000 marketing lesson free for you :)

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  1. Lionel says:

    Yeah those Mac’s are expensive but they are worth every penny! Cant wait to see the new product!
    Keep the content coming

  2. Eddie says:

    Dan I liked your presentation about Apple

    Just a question (you can delete from my comments)
    Were you st**ed when you made that Video?

    Regards Eddie

  3. Jack Connors says:

    Like ya cant afford it!!!!!!!! ????? Ever look at all the Launch Vids,all have Macs,,My wifes Puter just took the DIRT NAP!!!! and I think Ill go for the mac also for her,as im stuck with Win 7 with I hate,,, Why do away with xp??????? as i have well over 4000 pics of jobs ive done,,!!!!!!
    Nice Hair cut finnally!!
    Stop crying the Blues,,thats pocket change for you,,,Jack

  4. Judy Pintar says:

    Darn, Dan, I haven’t yet made up my mind to buy your program because I can’t talk to you first, but
    here you are buying a MAC (which is probably terrific) yet your videos teach us on a PC. How will this new MAC effect your tutorials since most of use use PCs?

  5. JOHN says:

    Very good Dan I do not have a apple yet I hear there great and pricey -will not deter me from buying something new. If you think apple is hard try linux.

  6. Thank you Dan for this nice marketing lesson, it is as valuable as the products of Apple !
    So ,as a Mac addict for 11 years now, and I purchase my first Mac in 1986! but stupidly then adopted PCs….- I want to tell that your video is totally right:
    I am Mac Addicted because of it matches all main criterias that I look for in any product: it has to be FUN, it has to be the best QUALITY, and packaging, and it has to be BEAUTIFUL,.
    And I think you mean, not the same thing with PCs, for a low price, but rather same functions…. because for the price of a Mac, you get the value of a Mac, which is much more than a Pc’s value.
    So you don’t pay expensive ,believe me, because you’ll see very fast all what you SAVE with Apple products: time, and money. No antivirus needed, no expensive and time consuming technical maintenance, no cleaning your HD and buying new one when it crashes in spite of antivirus, etc…. great back up with incorporated Time machine, and much more….
    To conclude , YES great lesson for a marketer online, and great recommendation too, Mac should be the choice of all good marketers. Match their tools: be branded, be fun, be quality productive, that’s a good marketer.
    Thanks Dan!

  7. hagar says:

    I’ve always been too poor to have a choice, until recently – half the time I was running whatever I could throw together, from parts out of the closet, or from the “big bins” at the computer store. Means I KNOW my hardware, but my machines have never been raving game-ready machines.
    I looked at the Apple a couple of times recently; and my opinions really haven’t changed much – if you’re going for graphics, movie editing, or sound editing, then do it. Most of the software that does those things well, is written for the Apple.(If you’re writing high-dollar software, write it for a high-dollar machine with less competition). For gaming, the PC has much more extreme video and sound upgrades available. Anything else? It’s strictly the Ford vs Chevy arguments; nobody will ever win a clash of opinions LOL
    good luck with both your new Apple, and your new IPad2… think tablets are going to crack the market open in brand new ways, in the next couple of years. Oooops…. another opinion LOL

  8. Kevin says:

    Hey Dan,

    I am a windows guy but hear the Mac’s are worth the extra cost. Something else also, they have an internal feature that keeps them from crashing like window products (that is what I heard). Good luck with the new product launch. Appreciate what you do for us.

  9. Judy says:

    You didn’t mention that mac does not get bugs like the pcs do lol. Another reason why so many top marketers go with a mac.

    Congratulations on a great choice!

  10. jeanguy says:

    thank you

  11. Charm says:

    Yeah those Mac’s are expensive but they are worth every penny! Cant wait to see the new product!
    Keep the content coming

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    Free online therapies based on sounds for health

  12. admin says:


    My tutorials aren’t computer specific πŸ™‚ all of the videos are teaching you to use web based applications!

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Keep ’em coming πŸ™‚

  13. Rick says:

    I started using a PC back in 1984 and a Mac in 1987. I currently have a PC at home due to the cost, but use a Mac at work. I am a professional graphic designer and when I say professional, I mean that everyone reading this has either seen my work on shelves at major global stores or on television. Mac’s have a much more stable platform and can grind out graphics much better than a PC can. I can’t explain why but I always have issues when designing at home as opposed to at work. Dan, I’ve been following you for some time now and find that you are one of the most reliable, honest sources on the web for affiliate marketers. I’ll be honest with you as well. You’ll love the Mac with one exception, if you are used to using any software that helps you create squeeze pages, articles, review sites or anything like that, you might be out of luck. The online apps will be the way to go. Other than that…I envy you. I wish I could afford a mac. One day soon I will. Good luck with your new computer and I look forward to checking out your new ‘exclusive’ product. Take care.

  14. PEte says:

    Dan i felt the same way… two years …later i switched back to pc

  15. Hamant Keval says:

    Hey Dan
    Great stuff look forward to your new products.
    Man you guys don’t know how luck you are – The Mac i5 is Β£1800 Sterling here thats like $3400 US and the Ipad 2 is like 1200 US here in the UK.

    But those things fly like an F15 Jet fighter compared to even the fastest pc;s

  16. Dorothea says:

    No, Dan, you missed it. Macs don’t get viruses, PCs do. Easy decision.

  17. J.C. Dean says:

    You are so cute I just want to screw you till you head pops off.

  18. Esther says:

    Even though I am a Graphic Designer, I have always chosen my platform to be windows. With the proper safety procedures the pc can perform as well as a Mac. The only real problems are reading files between the two. Print services do prefer files from a Mac.

    Also looking forward to the new product and it’s always interesting to see new ideas.

  19. Roy Cobden says:

    Dan, is that a dressing gown you’re wearing? lol

    Dorothea @9:22pm … Sorry to break this to you but Macs CAN & DO get viruses. They’re just a lot less common than the many viruses targeting windows.

  20. admin says:


    Hahah no it’s my lazy deadbeat robe πŸ˜‰

  21. Bobby says:

    MACs don’t get virus because Steve Jobs is behind all the PC viruses

  22. LMAO says:


    “You are so cute I just want to screw you till you head pops off.”

  23. Yep Buddy that is a great lesson, Dan you always bring new stuff! I love Mac too!

  24. Fred says:

    My first Mac was an LC475 with OS 7.1 back in ’94 I believe it was… a great little computer. Only went to Windows because the company I worked for switched from Macs to Windows PC’s.
    I’ve always wanted a Mac since that first one but can’t justify the cost. But then, I still am on my day job (which uses Windows) and only do the IM gig part time. If it were full time? Yeah, a Mac is worth the extra dime, every time. IMHO anyway.

  25. Brian says:

    I want to meet JC Dean! Wow! You my kinda girl!! Just needs a spelling lesson from me! πŸ™‚

  26. Sam says:

    Dan we will have to see the training videos in windows
    I was on a webinar and it was shut down because 90 percent
    of the people had windows and could not benefit from the mac.

    Dean nice picture your comment blew me away

  27. Heidi says:

    Congratulations – you’re gonna love it. I’m a Mac girl for life… always have been, always will be.

  28. Fred says:

    Great video Dan, I definitely prefer this to ex-stripper hypey sales pages. By the way, J.C. Dean wins at the internet. That comment made me laugh. I showed it to my brother and he got a chuckle out of it too.

  29. Erez says:

    Consider shooting videos compatible with iphones etc.
    You will gain few times more opt in for the same investment .
    Your fan,

  30. Geoff Hadley says:

    Hi Dan, wise move with your Mac buddy. Never again PC after using a Mac. But, we cannot completely neglect windows because most people out there selling some good software do not think about us Mac users. Example: I use the best spinner on a daily basis and also the article wizard from Jonathan Leger and they are both windows based. I have loads of other software that I cannot use on Mac so software like Parallels to run your virtual machine is inevitable! I just upgraded from Parallels 5 to 6 and it is really cool. Welcome to the world of Mac I reckon you will love it.

  31. Dan, are all internet marketing tools which you are using compatible with Mac? Id like to know because Im also considering switching. Thanks

  32. Justin Alan says:

    Hey Dan,

    I was a Mac-Hater for a long time. Eventually I owned an iPod and loved it. I looked at the Macs, but like you said they were too expensive. Then my mom had an apartment fire. She lost EVERYTHING. I was going to buy her a new PC for about $600. Then I bought her a Mac Mini for $600.

    Of course I had to learn it to teach her. After playing with it for the next 2 weeks, I learned that this little Mac could do EVERYTHING I was trying to get my PC to do, right out of the box with no additional hardware or software. It just worked!!! (Just like the ads say they do)

    Then I had to purchase an iMac for myself. It’s been over 3 years and still running strong. I can run Win 7 Ultimate (Use Bootcamp to Boot into Windows and VM Ware Fusion to run both at the same time) and it can do EVERYTHING a PC can do and more.

    You made a good choice with going with Apple. They make a great product, and it’s worth every penny. You may have paid 3 times as much, but it will out last any PC that you can purchase.

  33. Pepper says:

    Dear Kind Sir Dan The Man Marketing Man:
    March 13th, 2011 at 17:59 hours Yokohama, Japan

    I would reverse the field to say beautiful trumps fun.

    In my humble opinion (humble-not-no longer I am) the Mona Lisa is beautiful not because it is “fun.”

    The Marine Corpsγ€€is not fun. The earthquake in Japan is not “fun.”

    Aikido is not ….always…fun.

    Steve Jobs is a certain type of perfectionist. That’s why Apple is fun!

    Your bathrobe is the most beautiful part of your video.

    It does not matter one iota whether you are using a Mac or a PC.

    What matters is design, execution & user experience.

    End of Story.

    Sayonara (BTW this word is no longer being used in Japan …soγ€€add timeliness to the formula above)

    Skype: algorithmica

    PV = Present Vaqlue

  34. Aniee says:

    hi , Dan i have a question , i bought your product Deadbeat super affiliate 3 months ago, i have some questions regarding the things given in course,… i don’t know how to contact you …..

  35. Hey Dan, agree on the Brand. You establish one and you can charge more – a premium.
    Sounds like you’re justifying your purchase, all be it a good one.

    Why did you go for a Mac, what does it do for you that a windows based PC doesn’t?

  36. jimm says:

    More interested in your new product than all the hype about Apple.

  37. mark . . . says:

    Look forward to your further indulgences.

    You are capturing the imagination of folk and getting their interest up.

    Let alone some of the comments you get here above.

    hmmm ;-p

    bring it on Dan!

  38. Annelize says:

    Hi Dan,
    maybe you should have checked this site first! πŸ™‚

  39. Philip says:

    Apple is a fine tuned product that works. Some software products do not work on a Mac and so I had to buy a cheap PC again in order to use the software I needed. I was not happy about that at all. I believe quality builds the Brand, hence, the Brand is real. Thanks Dan….I’m on my way to purchase the new Macbook Pro!

  40. Sonny says:

    Hey There Dan,

    My daughter has a Mac, and she swears by it. She never has any problems and never gets a virus.

    Looking forward to finding out what tips you have in store for us in the future!

  41. Bob says:

    If you want a mac but can’t afford the hardware google “hackintosh” or see this link:


    It is a bit technical but you can save some major bucks.

  42. Dave says:

    I’ve never even considered a Mac….I don’t even know anyone who has one.
    I’ve always been happy with Windows PC’s so I’ve never had a reason to think about it.

    Considering the cost difference, I would have bought the PC πŸ™‚ it gets the job done at a third of the price πŸ˜‰

    @ J.C Dean – If Dan is too lazy I’ll sacrifice myself LOL πŸ™‚

    Take care everyone


  43. Art Jewelry says:

    What you are referring to is called “brand loyalty”.
    People buy McIntosh to be part of a group, it’s somewhat of a fashion statement.
    It’s the same technique that Starbucks uses to sell a .75 cup of coffee for $7.00.
    It’s marketing at it’s best!
    The designers and marketers at McIntosh are probably some of the highest paid producers in the industry.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  44. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for valuable information. I have purchased your course and I have something to ask you, here is my question. When I find some good products worth promoting from amazon, I need to analyze competition for the keywords using backlink checker. Even if top ranking sites for that keyword are not having too much backlinks and the search results( no. of competing sites) for that keyword is way higher then what would be your choice? Will you go for that keyword or not?

  45. Everybody raves about the Mac. I am a PC user and have considered switching to a Mac but I don’t want to start to have to learn how to use a new system. I’ve already have too much to do, but I will be interested in knowing how your transition from PC to Mac turns out.

  46. Ruth Martin says:

    Great stuff Dan, thanks for sharing. I do realize that we, as human beings, are swayed by our feelings and emotions a lot more often than we think. Common sense is what we should use, but somehow that is just not as much fun!

  47. admin says:

    @J.C Dean,

    My red robe is irresistible, what can I say? πŸ˜‰


  48. DogsBarkBack says:

    Great share Dan,

    You provide such great information.
    I have never had a Mac and never thought about having one either. Maybe I will look into one for my next purchase!

  49. Oak says:

    It’s a brand game..

  50. Athena says:

    What convinced me to go all mac was two things, and this after nearly 30 years using PCs (I started when the first pc came out, you know, the 8086 chip.) First, the service. Even with purchased warrantees, with my Sony, Dell, HP, and other odd computers I’ve had, it was such a huge fuss to get them fixed. I use my pc every day all day, so I am tough on them. With the Mac, I go into the local Apple store, with appointment (or sometimes without) and they just fix it, no questions asked. My laptop is practically new from the bottom up with them trying to fix a weird mousepad bug. I’ve even broken a key by accident and I walked in and they just fixed it no charge. Not gonna happen with another brand, at least it never did. In fact, I had to convince Dell to someone half my age and a fraction of my computer knowledge that the disk drive was bad. In frustration, I just went out and bought a new disk and it worked fine for as long as I had it. Second is that the Mac OSX operating system comes with a huge amount of bells and whistles that you have to pay for in a pc. I disagree that 750 will get you all the same software. Garage Band will make mp3s, it has a password keeper, it has imovie for making YouTube videos, etc. The video capabilities are huge. My daughter is in the film department at ucla and all they have is macs. So, it depends on what you want to drive. A Ford Escort or a BMW. I have no stock in Apple, I just had it up to my eyeballs with Windows issues/ viruses and inferior computers/companies. I need my computer to work or I don’t get my work done.

    PS, you’re right, your red robe is irresistible. LOL

  51. Oh no you have moved to the dark side
    and joined the apple cult.

    Everyone please pray for Dan he has that
    dazed Apple look in his eyes the cult has
    taken over his mind.

    Long live the virus prone PC it keeps the
    tech people in jobs and right jobs are important.

    Ok just kidding but,

    Dan does have that
    Apple Cult dazed look in his eyes.

  52. Vinnie says:

    Hey Dear Dan!
    I like the lesson, i have so many things to share here!
    Before to buy i will give You my tips that i also learned when i bought my Macs.
    So i have iMac 20″, MiniMac, MacBook, For sure iPhone 4, and iPod 80 Gb Old one.
    Never ever i was sorry for all this products.
    First let me explain You how i get them.
    The MacBook i took it brand new, but the other 2 macs was with really great discount.
    Here is my tip:
    Try to figure out when they make discounts, what that mean?
    Hear in july every year always the local dealer for Mac here in Israel, make discounts because they
    receive the new products.
    So i catch this here and after i took the iMac with 400$ discount.
    Than it came the new model in the store but i bought the old one, but for less money.
    I don’t know if You have the same situation in Your town, but ask maybe will be…Who knows?
    The MiniMac i took year after the iMac, with the same discount on july.
    Here they do it every year.Even i have agent that even call me to tell me all discounts.
    I am working with the mac since 4 years, this days sometime ask me for help on the Windows 7.
    Sometimes i don’t know what to tell i dont know good this windows 7 software,
    after i said to me its so easy with all my Macs easy always than ever before.
    I dont want to work with Windows, but for good or bad there is alot of programs that don’t works on
    mac,anyway i have on my 3 products my Windows XP installed.
    Here is maybe the best company for all Apple Computers parts RAM, Hard Disc, Bags, whatever:
    Here is the link:
    Even if You buy something, they have videos how to change the old part with the new!

    And here is the Macs that they sale check it out:

    Good Luck!
    If You need help for consultation or questions, always i will help You!

  53. shamimsam says:

    Hi Handsome !!
    Really you are very handsome .i like you so much.
    Have a nice day ………my friend..

  54. John Clint says:

    Hello Dan,

    Thanks for this beautiful small in time but massive in effect presentation, you inspired me with new ideas as always, i wish one i can afford a MAC too.

  55. I think the lesson here was not so much about Mac vs. PC, but on how important branding is.

    What a great little case study to demonstrate the point Dan!

  56. Bobby says:

    I’m 62 now.
    On one of my 1st jobs a friend told me “If you want to make money, lots of money, go where people are partying, playing, vacationing &/or having fun. They will spend the most money”
    I’ve lived in & around Nevada since 1980

  57. Rob Jones says:

    Dude, you look spooky in the screenshot at the end of the video. πŸ˜‰

  58. Cynthia says:

    I recently went through the exact same process Dan except I have always been a (very happy) mac user but I am having difficulty with some of the IM software requiring Windows. So I thought I’d be brave (or foolish) and purchase a PC. But I just couldn’t do it. So now I have a new (refurbished) Macbook.

    Now I have to decide whether to put a Windows OS on it. What do you other mac users reckon. What’s the best windows OS to put on a mac? And should I do it at all?

    Very interested in your comments.

  59. Joe Bloe says:

    If you’re worried about ditching Microsoft Windows…don’t be.

    If you own a mac, you can also install Microsoft Windows on it using BootCamp. Yes both Apple and Microsoft operating systems at the same time.
    This all happened when Apple switched to Intel Processors quite a few years ago.

    Here’s the article from Apple.com

  60. Fred says:

    Yep, that’s true.

    Once apple went to the intel processor, there is no such thing as buy a mac and lose windows….It’s a non issue…A mac is a computer that equally runs Mac OS and the Windows OS. In fact, you could buy a mac and only run windows on it, never using Apple software at all. (isn’t that wierd)

    So please…don’t go buy a Windows PC just in case you need Windows for something…just get BootCamp for the mac.

    This was part of how Apple got rid of the (but I still need windows to run certain software) market share roadblock.

  61. Richard says:

    over-rated is the understatement of 2011. I succumbed to the marketing and have regretted it ever since Windows 7 came out. I find the Mac very restricted, doesn’t talk to the rest of the world, no software on board, nothing you download runs on it so stay away from the snow “Jobs”


  62. Andy says:

    I can understand you buying it based on the packaging. I can’t bear to throw away my iPhone box LOL.

  63. Sandy says:

    When I was in college I used a Mac in the library. I found it hard to use, but that’s just because I wasn’t used to it. I always wanted to get one to use at home. Maybe someday……

  64. Adrienne says:

    No contest. I would rather have a computer that works, comes with great customer service and is intuitive to use. I have Parallels with Windows 7 on my current mac just to run some of my exe files I need for IM and there is no comparison! If you want to be productive, get a Mac!

  65. Mazin says:

    Yea Apple does have a really good brand. I do computer work on the side and I advise any one who has the money to buy an apple, go for it. Also I am really looking forward to your new product. Super Dead Beat Affiliate was great!

  66. God preselling Dan, I waiting for you next product.

  67. Hey Dan! Looking forward to your new product! I always go back to your course If I struggle somewhere… Keep it up!

  68. Graham says:

    Hi, You know, hate to rock the boat but I used to be a Mac fanatic…. until I released I was basically paying for ‘brand’ no real extra value…. but just to get that ‘I’m cool’ feeling that comes with brand buying. Secondly because I was getting more and more involved in online marketing there was so much software that just wasn’t available for the Mac platform. I know now that more is available as web-based software so that does mean more and more that either pc and mac are options. As far as Mac’s being more creative… well that’s what the marketing wants you to believe…. they are just a tool, the creative one is the user. Don’t get brainwashed into believing that having a Mac makes you more creative, it doesn’t, the creative one is you… no matter the tool you use. Reliability…. I have had great service out of my old macs, in fact some of them still run even though there systems will not handle modern software requirements. Remember my first Mac had a 20meg hard disk… what the!!! Also on this reliability topic… my kids have macs and both of them have hardware failure. One was a hard disk, and the other was a track pad… both replaced under the Applecare plan…. but who wants to pay almost 1/3 of the price of the computer for a care plan that shouldn’t even be needed if the product is well built… I kinda think Apple knows they aren’t now-a-days as they are being built in China. Why not a replacement guarantee for the first full year with NO extra charges to the customer? Like some one else commented here, if you take care of your pc asset it will give you a long and faithful life of service. Cheers all!! πŸ™‚

  69. Michael says:

    Getting an “Apple” is a better choice than getting a “Lemon” some of the PC makers produce.

    Keep up the good work!

    Anticipating your next product …..


  70. Tammy says:

    I do agree that Apple does a great job branding their products. I especially loved their television commercials with PC guy and Mac guy. At this point though, they are a bit expensive for me. And, I have found that in portable devices (cell phone, tablet), that I much prefer the Android OS over the iOS.

  71. I started using Macs back in the 1980s when most software was geared towards the PC. Since I had such a hard time finding software, I gave up on it. After watching your post, though, I may just need to reconsider.

  72. Bill Kang says:

    Me an the Mrs switched to Mac 2 years ago and we love it!
    Best decision I could have made. I’m a computer tinkerer at heart but there is nothing to do but get down and work when u have a Mac. No more worrying about the registry or virus’s etc. Just work.
    Keep up the great work and you going to grow your hair again?


  73. Jam says:


    I can totally agree with everything you said in your video, I’m in a similar situation my PC has just died and looking for a replacement and a iMac is very much in the running although as you say it would be 3 times more expensive.

    Just something about apple that shouts quality and fun that attracts me.

    Good luck with your new product, looking forward to hearing about it.


  74. I love how you threw on the ol’ robe to make the video.

  75. Dan,
    I think it’s great the way that you can come up with these little
    videos to get our interest and teach us a marketing lesson at
    the same time.


  76. Dorothy says:

    Hi, Dan,

    It is so nice to see someone in the Internet Marketing Community extol the virtues of the Mac. I hsve used a Mac since it first came out in 1984 and an Apple II+ before that in 1981. I love Apple. I must correct you, tho. You said you could get something a lot cheaper than a Mac and maybe you should go with cheaper because after all they were the same. I beg to diifer; Windows and Macs are not,repeat not the same at all. They may look the same and in some ways act the same. That is because Microsoft has ripped off and copied all of the cool Mac stuff. When the Mac was designed, it was designed from the ground up so the software and hardware were built to work together. Window was just an operating system put on top of MS DOS which was the orginal OS for IBM PC’s and which Microsoft adoptted. And MS DOS was a take off of another OS called CPM.So you see, since Windows was designed to sit on top of MS DOS originally, the hardware and the software (the OS) had to be tweaked a lot to get them to work together more or less efficiently.

    When the Mac first came out, most everyone still used IBM PC’s. A Mac community was built up; you would almost always know if a person was a Mac person or a PC person. Their personalities were very different.

    Well I hope I didn’t bore you all with my Mac history. I am glad to see you on the Mac side, Dan because there are some cool apps out there that will only run on Windows and since I use a Mac, I can’t use those apps. I know I can run Windows on my Mac in emulation mode and have done so, but Windows is such a pain that I rarely use it. Actually, I hate Windows and love Macs. Once you’ve become used to the Mac, more expensive or not, you’ll never want to use Windows again. As you can see, I am a rabid Mac fan.
    Dorothy aka littleoldgranny

  77. James says:

    Dan look up a program called Parallels. It is like $75.00 and you can buy it online. It allows you to run any version of windows right on your mac without having to boot into windows. You can simply just click on it and it opens like any other app. You will have a pop up window that is windows 7 or XP or whatever you choose to load as your parallels. I use window 7 with mine for software such as the best spinner/AMR and a few others. I am as happy as can be with my imac.

    – James

  78. Walt says:

    I have been in love with Apple since the little Mac came out in 1984.

    In fact I got a Mac motherbnoard and built my own Mac. It had a 500mb hard drive, optical mouse, and amber color monitor. It was mainly pc parts except for the mb and mouse.

    A couple of years ago, I bought an iMac. to go with the pc I built; my Yankee thriftiness..

    Yesterday some virus got by all my security programs on the pc and it took me 5 hours to get rid of it. These kinds of things happen all the time with the pc.

    I have never had a problem with my iMac and I don’t have to buy a lot of extra software and with all the extra stuff you have to strengthen and shore up the Microsoft operating system and the hours wasted to fix pc breakdowns, I think the pc winds up being more expensive, IMHO. All that extra junk has to be installed and maintained.

    It’s the old, tried and true UNIX OS (invented by Bell Lab geniuses around 1960) that has all the extra stuff you need on the pc built in.

    Welcome to Apple land, Dan.


  79. Martoons says:

    I’m watching this video on my MacBook Pro best tool I ever did use (and can’t wait to get a 27″ iMac too). Thanks Dan, you are da man!

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