How Much Time Do You Spend Thinking vs. Doing?

Hey Everyone! Dan here with another blog post to help you make more money from your online business. I want to discuss the difference between thinking and doing, and what levels of each you should apply to your business. So first things first… what exactly do I mean by “thinking” and how much of it should you do? Active thought invested in your business throughout the day is what I mean by thinking. It is a very crucial element of... Read More

Selling the Benefits vs. Selling the Features

This video covers an important concept for selling any product or service. That is, learning how to present the benefits of your product to your prospect: Click Here After Watching the Above Video List building Samurai is closing in 3 days. Get it while you still can before you have to wait AND pay full price. Learn how to build a REAL business using mailing lists  so that you never have to rely on Google again!  Read More

List Building, and Why You Need a List To Make A Lot Of Money in 2010

Hello Everyone! My first in-person video, so be nice 🙂 I thought it turned out really well considering it was totally unscripted and impromptu. What I’m teaching today is why you need a list, and how they work in the various niche markets out there. This is a must watch if you want to make a lot of money online: Newsflash! List Building Samurai is LIVE. Click Here Now And P.S, I have a new course coming out in the next 7-9 days that will... Read More