This is where it’s at! This is where the money is online


“Naptime Profits” Releases this Thursday, March the 17th at 2pm EST. Hope to see you in the members area! 🙂

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  1. Jam says:

    Looking forward to hearing more soon Dan.

    Good luck with your new product.

  2. Len says:

    The real money is always in your own product. Affiliates are a stepping stone.

  3. Solid info Dan. I’m a big fan of the 48 hour expert as you call it. CHEAP… & it works like a charm.

  4. Hey can I ask you for one tip? Do you just use Vimeo Plus for these videos? It seems a hell of a lot easier than azs3 or whatever most of the big marketers use.

  5. Steve says:

    Sounds good Dan, I’ll be on the lookout for your launch. Your Deadbeat materials have been very helpful and informative for the price. In fact, I still have yet to get through all of it and would surely benefit more by doing so. Anyway, given the value you’ve provided there, I suspect your new products will be as well.

    All the best, Steve

  6. Dave says:

    Dan, you are so right about making a product about something one isn’t knowledgable about.The more I read about my niche (which I knew almost nothing about), the more the topic makes sense.

    And…I’ve actually seen people on forums ask questions that I actually know the answer to.when a month a go I had no clue..just from researching my niche. And I’m talking just a few weeks from zero knowledge here

    My advice to anyone is if you want to get into a niche and know nothing about it….you soon will, and you’ll probably find it interesting.

    I’ve been told before (but didn’t believe it at the time) that you can become a perceived expert in a niche without ever having prior knowledge about it before…(yeah right I said) but if you can absorb knowledge quickly, you can easily do it.

    I’m not ready to make a product yet, but I’m trying to use the knowledge I learn about my niche for useful content for my site for now…the site is new..and it needs it.

  7. art says:

    I look forward to learning the core process of creating infor product. I too have a short attention span and learning only the tasks to create solid product will be great

  8. Hussein Said says:

    Well these are good news, you know i do not earn yet from my sites, and

    knowing that from the host gator panel i monitor every day an average of 35 people going on each of them, i got more than 1000 hits on Amazon Affiliates account but not one single dollar 🙂 I’m using your way , and have a lot of positive feedback from the visitors as you can see in the comments, actually i like headphones and you inspired me a lot in your course deadbeat super affiliates.

    So it has been two months from now and i did not earn one dollar , that is why i’m waiting for your new product to be able to lunch my first product on Clickbank.

    Thanks for your continuous support and i wish you the best with your new product

  9. admin says:


    Thats weird with 1000 clicks to Amazon you should have made plenty of sales already…

    Even if they dont want to buy the product you are reviewing, they would have bought something else by now…

    Are you sure you are getting real visitors and not bot spam?


  10. Dave says:

    I’ve had a similar situation where one of my Amazon accounts had like 500 clicks in one week where I barely had 50 visitors to my site a week which made no sense. I passed it off as a bot or something. This only happened on my canadian amazon account and not the US one (or any other country for that matter)

  11. Hussein Said says:

    Hello Dan,

    Thanks for your valuable advice

    Actually i have 1019 clicks on my cloaked amazon affiliate links in total since 23 Dec 2010 till today and 0 earnings, I’m talking about the numbers that appear in the tracking ID summary report inside Amazon associates page not how many people entered my sites through social media posts or search engine searches “amazon headphone reviews” “best amazon headphone reviews” and “top best amazon headphone reviews”, three long term search keywords and i’m on the first page of Google , Yahoo and Bing.

    Maybe there is a tweak or a mistake in the keyword “Price” or “Sale” density that should be present to target buyers not just review readers ? I tried also keywords “best amazon headphone prices” or same combination as mentioned before but put “prices” instead of “reviews” or a lack of back-links in order to rank higher in search engines ?

    If it’s a bot spam on word press, is there any plug-in i can install to stop this ?

  12. I can’t wait to see your naptime profits. I’m sure that it will be great.

  13. Great info,

    I’ve been wondering about the im products that seems to be popping up all over the place.

    The only thing is that everyone seems to be coming from the same angle and havent seen anything new….. yet.

    Awesome Dan Dog!!!

  14. Oak says:

    Looking forward to it, Dan.

  15. Sanjay says:

    Hi there Dan ,
    Thank you for your deadbeat super affiliate product . It got me to actually start doing instead of just learning . Big step huh ?However ….that being said I set up my site Jan 17th or thereabouts.I saw sales of 7 products with a total commission of $21.08 :).This was in the first week of March . Only sales ever and has stopped after that . What is it that I did not nail ? Id really appreciate a response . Thank you again.

  16. Sanjay says:

    P.s : I dont know too much about clicks to conversion…however based on the report given by Amazon
    I got 45 clicks in all . Isnt that a bit less since I did do the prelimnary keyword research .Your comments are appreciated .

  17. Randy says:

    Hey Dan I bought your deadbeat super affiliate program in February and I am working my way through the program, I am happy with what I have learned so far, looking forward to Thursday to see your new product.

  18. Nice one dan, Im ready with my credit card in hand. Its fate as im just in the early stages of my info product and training course.

    Looking forward to ore great content.


  19. Hi Dan

    Can’t wait for it….looking forward.

    Bot your Profitzon and I know you deliver quality work.

  20. very good video Dan! I can not wait to see you product !

  21. shannon says:

    Looks good Dan, i must say your way of teaching is easy to follow, i have already learnt a lot from your stuff, keep it coming.

  22. Josh says:

    Looks like a great product. But it’s really a great barrier for those of us who haven’t done it yet. Creating my own info product seems like an impossible dream for me.

  23. Hi Matt,
    I purchased a product from you and this was awesome, I learned a lot and in the process of doing it. Can’t wait for your next product.
    Kind regards

  24. Mazin says:

    I hope naptime profits is just as good as super deadbeat affiliate.

  25. jimm says:

    Creating your own info product is one thing but I hope you will also cover how to market the info product successfully.

  26. Hey Dan,

    Great video! Creating your own products is definitely the way to go! I also started as a “white belt” with affiliate marketing before starting to create my own products. I now have several products under my belt and its not near as hard as people think. The hardest part is getting over the mental aspects, thinking it is too hard or whatever.

    Can’t wait for naptime profits.

    Coby Wright

  27. mark . . . says:

    Hmmm . . . .

    Is that really you Dan?

    I don’t see no Dan hair!

    I don’t see no Dan red dressing gown/jarmies!

    I don’t see no Dan white socks!

    Hope you not foolin us . . . lol ;-p

  28. Wayne says:

    Dan The Man……….sounds like a plan!!

  29. Chris Brown says:

    I’m not knocking the info publishing biz, as that’s what I aspire too (creating physical DVD’s with actors and models etc as opposed to simple slides) However, there are two drawbacks with the generalised methods stated in video.

    You can research a book, get it all nicely presented … but if you don’t know if the market exists for that product, you have effectively wasted your time and effort.

    And second, you’ve got to know how to get the traffic to view your sales pitch. No eyeballs=no sales.

    ** I have to admit I’m guilty on both counts, having spent YEARS developing software for sites, without knowing if the market is there, and then not being able to get eyeballs to those sites to make any sales.

    So do your research upfront: Know if a market exists before developing the product, AND know how you intent to market said product.

  30. Katie says:

    Hey Dan, your deadbeats program has really got my brain moving. i’m a newbie to all this affiliate stuff but the way you laid out the course and the videos really made it easy to follow and understand. got my first site up and running(well, walking slowly)!so hopefully i can continue to build on it.thanks Dan, you da man!!

  31. Tunde Tele says:

    way to go Dan! why wait till tomorrow? let’s have it now!! (smile)
    here’s wishing u success with the launch …

  32. Simeon says:

    That was too complex for me.

  33. Dan says:

    Hey Dan,
    I am very excited about this product that you are releasing. I have created quite a few information products- they are all high quality products and I have hardly had anyone ask me for refunds.

    Here are my two biggest problems.

    1. Attracting affiliates to promote my products on Clickbank

    2. And get sales on a regular basis because of very little traffic that I get. I am more successful in creating info products than I am in getting traffic, attracting affiliates and getting sales.

    Does your course cover these topics?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  34. Dennis says:

    What I learn more off of Dans “deadbeat affiliate” program in 2 mouths, than I off of all of the programs I got in the last 3 years.

  35. Sandy says:

    This is something I want to eventually do, although I’m not sure if I’m ready for it. Just starting to see success with affiliate marketing, but because I live in Illinois, I can’t work with Amazon now. Huge let down!
    I think I have ADHD as well. I have a hard time concentrating on something for very long. It’s frustrating and then I get mad at myself!

    Thanks Dan for another great video!

  36. admin says:


    Check out the list of the 50 other physical product affiliate programs I listed in the beginning of my Deadbeat training. I put them there for anyone having issues with the nexus tax. Most of them allow Illinois affiliates at this time.

  37. Dan says:

    CanOE get your material in book form ?

  38. admin says:


    Glad you learned a lot – I definitely designed the program so not only did it help you make your first dollars online but you also learned the fundamentals of making money online.

    Even if you decide to move away from affiliate marketing, every technique I included in that book can be applied in other businesses online. Those skills can be easily transitioned into marketing your own products as well!


  39. admin says:


    There will be text that accompanies the video training in my new program.

    I will also be converting my products to physical format sometime in the summer as I’m going to be establishing a direct mail segment of my business.


  40. asian lamps says:

    This looks as if its going to be interesting. I’ve always been alittle afraid of outsourcing. I have that “I can do it myself syndrome” ya know?

  41. admin says:


    Yep, I know what you’re talking about. There are certain things you should definitely do yourself, but there comes a point where you can’t do everything… and your time gets sucked away having to work on low yield activities.

    The way I see it is your time is the most important asset that you have. You can always make more money, but what you can’t make more of is time.

    If you think like that, I guarantee you that you will see a significant increase in your results.


  42. Hi Dan,

    You are so ‘right on’ about having your own product and the sales continuing for months and years.

    Having two of my own products I can truthfully say this is a great addition to being an affiliate.

    I look forward to your new course and learning your angles that will show me how to ‘speed up’ the process.



  43. Anuwat Y. says:

    Hi Dan,
    I live in Thailand. Can I apply your method to build products and sell them in US? I’m so worried about outsourcing process which I have to hire someone there to do many jobs for me.

  44. Val says:

    Hey Dan! I just wanted to say that I am currently going through your product. I have a little background on Affiliate Marketing and pretty much, there is something new I learn each time I pick something up. I really like your program because you give some personality to it…. However, I think I do need a little coaching as I get very confused with Information overload…. and obviously I’m broke or I wouldn’t be trying to earn money only as well as learn this technique :)…. I can offer you a date if you want lol… I’m not too far from MD… NJ lol….jk

  45. Joan says:

    I am so excited about the release of this product! As you know I am one of your biggest fans.

  46. Hi Dan, don’t know if anyone else had any problems but I found it hard to hear you today.

    Anyway a question: the voice over is it professional? Is this why you don’t do it yourself?


  47. Awesome thanks Dan, like most people I had thought this was ubber hard!


  48. I did make money with Amazon after your course, now I’m pushing my websites to Google’s top for my keywords 🙂 + creating new websites… I love it! Conversions I have are sick! + I promote products way over $500 😉 Love your course and I’m really looking forward to new product launch!



  49. Another great no frills video that gets right to the point :0)


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