Your Motivations: Why You Need to “Live and Breath” Them As an Online Entrepreneur

Hey Deadbeats!

I’ve talked a lot about discovering your true motivations in the past but since this is what I consider one of the most important mental foundations of an online business, it’s time to drill the concept in even more.

I’ll start off by asking you a simple question:

What was/is your motivation when you first decided you wanted to start your own online business?

Most likely your first response would be “to make a lot of money online”.

This is what I consider a “crude” motivation. A crude motivation is something that is driven entirely by simple emotions like greed – Greed is your motivation to make money online.
If this sounds like you, It’s OK. Mostly everyone starts out with this motivation. However, to make a successful run at this business, you need to evolve your motivations, so to speak.

Why Developing Higher Level Motivations is So Important…

I can tell you this with 100% certainty because it’s happened to me before, and to hundreds of students that I’ve taught before:

If your only motivation for starting your online business is to “make a lot of money”, you will eventually fail.

Why? Well two reasons:

  1. It can be awhile before you start “making a lot of money”, or even anywhere near close to what you may consider a respectable income online. If your only motivation is that of greed, your motivational fire will extinguish before you make it to your goal. There’s a lot of ups and downs (more downs then ups) when you first start out, and a simple motivation like greed is not enough to keep your going during these rough patches. And if greed is your only motivation at this time, most likely you are in denial right now even while you are reading this. If you don’t believe me here… that’s fine. You’ll see what I mean soon enough.
  2. Reason number two is once you obtain your goal of “making a lot of money”, you’ve now lost your only motivation to continue to push your business forward. I’ve experienced this before. I built up a very successful online business, and as soon as a reached a certain income level my interest and motivation in my business plummeted. My spark had burnt out – and slowly but surely my income levels dropped. And unfortunately since my motivation was now gone, I had no inspiration left in me to keep pushing forward.

How To Evolve Your Motivations To a Higher Level

Instead of focusing on the money, focus your motivations towards what that money can do for you. For example:

  • Make a lot of money so you can spend more time with your family
  • Make a lot of money so you can provide your family with security.

That way your motivation is driven by love for your family and not something material like money. You can take it even further…

Here are my main motivations that drive my business right now:

  • To escape the trap of the American dream – go to school, obtain massive debt, and be forced into working a mediocre job that sucks away my dreams and ambitions every day is not my cup of tea.
  • To prove my friends wrong – those who said I couldn’t make a successful business again and that the reason my first business was successful was because I was lucky.
  • To make a major positive impact on the world – this is one of my major motivators to keep pushing my businesses forward. I know it’s one of those idealistic dreams of young people, but for me it is a dream that I am actively pursuing and know that it’s only a matter of time before it happens, as long as I have the motivation to back it up!
  • Self improvement: improve my communicative and social skills – I’m very introverted and shy by nature and have been using my business to improve this aspect of my life. I’m forced to do certain things that I normally wouldn’t be comfortable with. As I become better at this stuff, it becomes more and more fun. Now it’s a big factor of why I push my business forward.
  • For respect – I don’t want a boss that I have to bow down to. I am 100% motivated to insure that I never have to work for anyone in my life (unless I want to).
  • The challenge of building something successful – overcoming a challenge is the main reason I love being an entrepreneur. I want to succeed where most people fail.
  • To become better – improving skills that I am developing has always been a major motivator for me. I don’t mean competition: as in being better than everyone else. I become better for my own personal gratification – I want to become better not for everyone else, but for me.

Those are just a few of my motivations, and they change and evolve all the time. Every different stage I reach in my business my motivations adapt and change. It’s a natural process, but becoming aware of the motivations that will drive you through the goods and the bads is extremely crucial for any entrepreneur.

If I were you, right now I would pick up a piece of paper and list the top 5 motivators that make you want to be in this business… and don’t say “to make a lot of money” 😉

Let me know what you think!

Dan Brock



62 Responses to “Your Motivations: Why You Need to “Live and Breath” Them As an Online Entrepreneur”
  1. hagar says:

    a good and timely post!
    In today’s rough environment, motivation is the hardest thing to keep – if you don’t have a goal that’s in front of your eyes every day, it’s easy to think that giving up is the better option.
    Seems like even folks that give up, though, come back later – the gold really IS “in them thar hills”, not in a “six clicks to a million-dollar lifestyle” sense, but in the sense that if you work steadily, network, develop and endorse good products….. you can make a sustainable, HONEST income that’s above average, without years of college and intern work.
    later, lazy man –

  2. Gates says:

    Hey Dan, thanks for that. I think you hit it right on the head when you said that money alone is not good enough, you need something else that motivates you.

    The boss thing is what motivates me and being able to provide a better life for my wife and kids of course. But mostly being there for them and not missing everything because I have to be at work.

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks and keep it coming.

  3. Badabale says:

    Thanks for the post. I was feeling down lately because people around me telling to find a real job..i needed to dig deeper to find out why im into the whole IM thing all these while.

  4. gill says:

    Great ideas for staying motivated.

  5. John says:

    Dan, a challenging post. I can see where you’re coming from and it’s great advice but not always easy to implement. It’s right that we all want to make a lot of money but the reasons for doing will vary between each of us I guess and that’s the true motivation. I was just wondering how this fits into your deadbeat philosophy?

  6. Tom says:


    1/ Freedom to travel

    2/ to be able to spend a whol year in a foriegn country learning their languag (thailand anybody :-))

    3/ Be able to work where i want. Yep i like work.

    4/ Build up a nest egg of rainy days

    5/ Contribute and teach other how to do the same.


  7. Art Jewelry says:

    Thanks for the great post!
    My inspiration is to provide value and help make peoples lives better.
    Your post made me think about it a little closer.

  8. mark says:

    Ey Deadbeat!

    Spot on once again.

    Without an ‘evolving’ dream . . .
    the focus, the aim, the entrepreneurship, lust for life, outright love and even your own ethos . . .
    means nothing.

    Don’t let * the bastards * drag you down.

    mark. . . / .

  9. plr says:

    Awesome write up Dan. I haven’t made much after a year and a half but the amount of stuff that I’ve learnt has been completely mind blowing. So not all gone to waste lol.

    Maybe one day eh :o)

    Thanks for the pointers mate!

  10. CJ Reynolds says:

    Awesome post!

    For the benefit of others, here are my main motivations:

    1. More time – I have projects and people that I am unable to devote time to due to my day job

    2. Help those around me – I have no intention of getting rich alone – I want to change the lives of the people in my life.

    3. Pay off debts

    4. Prove to my family that I’m not a natural-born bum!

    Again, Dan – Thanks for the motivation!


  11. Ray says:

    I thought your post was spot on. Like Zig Ziglar said “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. Thanks again for the post.

  12. Brian B says:

    Dan you are so right. You’re goals are much more important than your income. Goals are what make us who we are they drive us to push our selves to the limit. With a goal you can set your mind to unbelievable heights. I set goals every week they can be small and then i set goals for the month and for the year. A goal can keep us on track and can help us remain focused. I believe you should set financial goals personal goals and dream goals. List them and talk to your self out loud about them. Allow yourself to dream and create ideas to attain your goals as fast as you possibly can. When you reach them just set them higher. Never stop setting goals for yourself and your will never stop growing.

  13. Bennett says:

    Hey, Dan,
    You hit that on the spot! It’s a good reminder for all people coming online to have a good purpose for what we all are doing this for. Nicely put! I like it very much and I’m sure a lot others will appreciate your input…

  14. Red Williams says:

    yes very timely post Dan … many thanks
    today i started a dayjob again … back to my old profession which 5 years ago i said i would never do again .. so this i’m using for fuel to super motivate me into never working for someone else … my goal is to get caught up om my bills then be self employed again within 6 months
    but my main goals are

    1. FREEDOM… financial freedom … freedom from location … i want to work from anywhere … freedom to travel
    2. Help others and Make an Impact
    3. The Challenge of building a successful Online biz .. and proving to naysayers it can be done
    4. To gain the new skillsets i need to make money anytime/anywhere on demand
    5. to build Capital to invest in gold/silver realestate … and someday own a boutique resort hotel

  15. Steve Reed says:

    Good post Dan. I have been bey motivated for the last 18 months and was doing great. Then came Google Panda 2.2 and smashed my income from $150 a day to under $20 a day. Still, I am keeping going and hoping things turn around before I run out of money. BTW, Did any of your Amazon niche sites suffer. Although Panda was supposed to target scraped content, I think it devalued article directory links big time.

    Motivation is really an essential attribute to fight back through this type of thing, but I know I will look back and see some positives in the situation

  16. Hiya Dan,

    i have been reading your mail and it is actually inspiring, i have been trying to take up your challenge of working online but to no avail as yet, yes i am a thicko dont know where to start, need a few tips man and maybe a kick start

  17. Clarke says:

    Motivation Dan – Has a magic quality. . . .

    You Can’t Buy it, Sell it, Steal it, or Give it away.
    It’s always yours. . . . . to find and lose.

    My 2 cents worth !!

  18. says:

    Thank you for the motivation Dan.
    It’s always good to stay on course.
    Getting your post was excellent motivation.
    Now back to work. Peace

  19. vet in Tampa says:

    Thanks Dan that really is inspiration, and you’re right, anyone who enters online business simply based on greed, cannot have long-term success, and the same for people who cheat others in business.

    As you pointed out, helping others and self-improvement are 2 very good and noble motivations to have, aside from earnings.

  20. Puneet says:

    Thanks Dan for sharing things which truly motivates you and this is really inspirational and help us to stay focused towards achieving your goals.

    By the way, your Amazon course is simple awesome which I bought from WF and it is really helping so many people like myself 🙂


  21. Giovanni says:

    Good to see that even our deadbeat super affiliate needs motivation!!! I am in a motivational crisis myself these days so I am glad I checked out your post. I have to kick my butt again…..

  22. Neil says:

    Dan !! May I say that, in some months from now, I hope to be able to think of your post as something that could have come from me. – I am one with everything you wrote! Another thing is that I have spent my life so far giving service in exchange for what I receive (however little!!) Sure, I want to make money, – but not by CONNING people out of theirs !! You are obviously not one of those people, and I am pleased to be following your leads. It’s just that I am so far behind in computer savvy, and experience, it’s not funny. I often think of that poem;- don’t remember who wrote it, but the title is “Persistence”.
    Keep it up, Dan, and Thanks.

  23. Angela says:

    Hi Dan,
    Great post. I call it my “Why ?”. Why do I want to achieve online success.

    I have a list of things I want to achieve printed out and stuck to the side of my PC monitor as a constant reminder (together with a newspaper cutting of my dream house).

    One of my biggest “why’s” is to be able to train my teenage son so that he can be a business owner if he so wishes or turn his computer skills into a way of funding University when he’s older.

    I think proving the non believers wrong is a huge motivation as well though LOL

  24. Tony Clingan says:

    Hi Dan

    You’re bang on in what you say, I think for many people the moving from I want to make a lot of money to the point where they find that they actually have to work at it is hard

    Quite why people think the internet is any different baffles me, all our lives we are told if it looks too good to be true it is, people then see e mails promising them overnight riches and instead of thinking BS they fall for it

    Unless people keep to one path instead of chasing the next shiny object they will never succeed

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  25. Dan says:

    Hi Dan, I’d love to connect with your students and share the neurology and psychology of change. It’s nice that your searching for deeper understanding in what drives us. As you already know it’s more important than the data – the emotional desire must come before the strategies you use to get the cash. Also, a neat twist on greed is that the reason it doesn’t work is because it’s a manifestation of fear. Greed is the fear there won’t be enough for “you”. Fear isn’t always a great motivator.

    Your spin on “want the money” for the time it can buy you with your family is sage. Humans want 2 things — Freedom and Power. — money is one way we can get more of both. Freedom and power helps us get the real benefit which transcends all – Happy. For me I want to be happy!

    Tis nice to see the evolution! I’d love to catch up some time and discuss a content call or webinar dealing with these things.

  26. Dan Reed says:

    Motivation comes easy when you put your heart into everything you do..Thanks, Dan….:)

  27. Darryl says:

    Dan I beleive when a man or a woman beleive in some thing greater then self ,such as GOD and the love for others and stand up for what they beleive in is Motivations. Dan my farther use to say to me, (do what you can do and what cant do work on it and eventually you will be able to do what you cant do.Dan I call myself unstopableDarryl becuse nothing will stop me from reaching my goal.
    thanks Dan keep it up God is real.

  28. Dave says:

    What’s with the new product with Hitesh……found out about it over at JVNotify…..but nothing from you guys or anyone that is pushing it???

    Is this a new product launch technique 🙂

    hope to hear about it soon.


  29. Ruth Martin says:

    Hi Dan!
    At this point my drive is still about the same it was in the beginning. I enjoy working online, I don’t work as feverishly or push with overtime as much, (I’ve been online for 7 months now) but I have settled in to a steady pace of working on my computer everyday.

    Some of my motivations:
    1. Prove to myself and my husband that I can be a success online.
    2. Be able to be proud of myself for the things I have learned online and can now do. (Already am 😉
    3. Help supplement my husband’s income and eventually replace it.
    4. Increase our income level so we can live above scrimping every month!

    Thanks for your thought provoking post, I agree whole-heartedly, just ‘making a lot of money’ does not cut it,
    Ruth M

  30. QUAID says:

    Like what you said.Unfortunately too many scams out there.As a person starting in Int mark I understand where you are going. Folks have to understand that lots of aspirin will be involved. Thanks

  31. Dennis says:

    Good topic Dan… I think you are searching for the term “lifestyle”….. To just say money or wealth is too general, but when people start thinking of lifestyle….. now that is something to dream about !!!!

    For me though, at age 62… it is more about leaving a legacy…. something that I can pass on .. In today’s economy, even the traditional jobs, that afforded a reasonable income are quickly folding. However, I see longevity in this internet business world….. So, if I can teach my children, how to be successful at online marketing, then I have truly provided for their future…. “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day.. teach him how to fish.. and you feed him for a lifetime”

    Thanks Dan for all the tips and instructions over the past couple years.. many of which I have already passed on…

  32. joe says:

    my motivation is simple,survival

  33. Hi everyone I’m just curious about this as I really would like to workk online and would be 100% commited. But I will be going to unviersity this semester and would seem great to do both work online and study and grow, but need a little help getting to grips with starting off please contact me with help and tips. Thank you.

  34. Jim Conyers says:

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks for the pick me up post. It does sometimes get discouraging when you don’t see success right away and have someone to talk to about it. So, your post is great at putting a little fire back underneath me.

    My why is strong enough. I’m determined to not have to go back to a JOB and work for a boss. I had enough of that and want to stay clear of the rat race while providing my customers a quality product or service.

    Thanks again for your post, it came at the right time.

  35. Reggie says:


    I have always been on the top. National Sales Manager for a major Computer Mfg, forced to retire at age 55 after my 5th heart attack. After retirement I started two businesses here in my hometown.
    One, re-manufacturing toner cartridges for printers & copiers and the other as a large Bulk mailer. Which as you know is legally NG at this time.

    Unfortunately in 2005 I had to have a kidney removed. In 2008 another heart attack and just this past October I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. Don’t know yet if I am making a complete recovery as I could only do the radiation due to my heart.

    The long and short of it is after all my successes and monies I have made, I am now broke from trying to stay alive.

    Motivation is simple. At 69 I want to stay alive another 5 years and take my wife to places she can only now dream of.. She was always there for me, the least I can do for her before I leave this place is earn enough again to take her to some of those places I told her we would visit after I retired. But the higher authority had different plans for my future. I was always too busy or sick back then.


  36. rick says:

    Money seems to be the thing that gets people started. But it’s never enough to keep people going.

  37. I’ve always been a motivated person, but this business is really frustrating me. I have what many people have said is a great website with quality information. The problem is I put all my eggs in one basket and signed up with Amazon who now has cancelled all their affilliates. I also have a few gardening related affilliates through Google and I just don’t seem to have the right formula to create conversions. The traffic is pretty good and comments are very positive. They just come, read my info and leave without buying anything. Crumbs!!!!

  38. Don says:

    Hi Dan, motivation We have a fund raiser golf tournament in my son’s memory. We give proceeds to a children handicap camp that the Lions Club operates. I am motivated to keep this tournament successful and keep my son’s memory alive. This takes money to keep the sponsors and golfers motivated to keep supporting the tournament. I started this internet idea to generate extra money to use in making the tournament a special event to grow the support from sponsors and golfers. After two years I have had nothing but dead ends with internet marketing. I keep thinking that there is a program that will really work. The tournament will go on but I am motivated to make it grow.

    I started a golf school to generate more income. The traffic situation is a problem. It has only been up two months so I am positive about the site. Please contact me with suggestions.



  41. Yeah Dan,

    Everyone has good days – bad days when trying to make it on your own. Not only do you have the world and their dog against you but people are are actually very envious in nature and as much as i hate to point it out some people seem to revel in others misfortune. Well the only thing to do is just move full steam ahead not caring about succeses or failures as its is a numbers game and as long as you dust yourself off and try again you’re on the winning team. As mearly distancing yourself from the ants in life make you a champ.

  42. Ryan says:

    Hey Dan,

    I didn’t know you were introverted and shy by nature! You seem like a really outgoing, outspoken guy. Anyway, I think this supplements your motivation webinar from about a month ago nicely!

  43. tracy says:

    motivation is a great thing , kind of like a sail on a sail boat, but not so great if things keep putting holes in your sail, much like people telling you your wasting you time with online money making, puts a huge hole in your motivation.

  44. vida says:

    Hello Dan,

    Thanks a lot! You are certainly not as lazy as you want to be presented! it’s nice to see and read about a higher level of internet business. It’s really not only about making money. It’s about giving people a chance to feel a part of a more human world of today, to challenge a better part of one’s self in searching for a better tomorrow for him/herself and for anyone in touch – as we obviously are in a position to get the puzzle of our world to a perfect solution or to ruin it completely. Our immense greed for money and possession is a good tool to make a disaster….

    Good luck to you and all the best for Reggie and his wife!!!!

  45. AnnaSophia says:

    You’re SO right Dan.
    Greed is the wrong motivation. I don’t seek to become millionaire overnight. And I probably will
    never be. But I don’t have to be.
    My motivation:
    I just need to feel comfortable and secure for the future.
    I’ve been a single mother for the past 18 years.
    My childen are adults now and they’re doing well.
    I can forget about getting a proper job at my age. I’m 55. Frankly I don’t need a job.
    I live on alimony. But what if my ex-husband dies, I’ll have nothing.
    That’s why I’m trying to start making money online.
    In the past three months I’ve learned a awful lot about IM.
    I like what I’m doing and I hope I’ll be able to make a sale soon 🙂
    I just want to prove to the people around me, the ones that make fun of me,
    that it’s possible to make money online.
    It also gives me something useful to do next to my work as a volonteer for a large
    foundation in my country.
    I wish everybody who’s trying to create an online business lots of luck and succes.
    Stay the course!

  46. Froi says:

    This article does really mean to motivate people, thanks for this very inspiring article Dan : )

  47. Suzi says:

    Motivation for me is to help to make the world a better place ASAP. My personal challenge is to learn and do many different things at once, because it is just the way it is and it is really my nature, I am a gemini and it is difficult for me to focuse and I have to synergize my different interests, one of them is music, I love to sing and always become friends with musicians, even when I don*t know they are.
    Dan, I don’t mind that you don’t want to put the link from Andy and his friends to your blog. I like what they do and for many young people, what they do is as well very encouraging….developing a method to become a rockstar, like the action you take. I thought the video could just add some serious 🙂 valuable fun and empowerment as well.

    Thank you for your beautiful work Dan

    PS: Please don*t put this answer to your blog……..I have been emailing with Andy a lot and he lost his father very early. I hope I am allowed to tell you about and you won*t share this with anybody else. The song 300 pianos is about, I guess you can feel it and I lost my father very tragically.

  48. Benjamin says:

    Hi Dan,
    thanks for the wonderful motivation mail, every one of us wants to make money whether we sit at home or some other location it s all for the sake of our beloved ones. the question is not the where but it is the how what do I mean there are so many void out there to be filled. HOW we are offering our offer to this volks its what matters, what mind set do we have, is it for the money or out of through compassion if is out of through compassion this people are ready to come back for more. One true living master said “he that is faithfull shall abound in blessing“ my heart is for my beloved ones and to fill the voif of the people with joy and compassion and not lucre self gain and intrest.

  49. Suzi says:

    Dan, here is a very good explanation…..about MY motivation, why I am interested in so many things, it is something given in my genes from my understanding. (Bruce Lipton, Roberto Kaplan) 30% of DNS is fix as far as I know.

  50. Ron says:

    Dan that was a great post – shows a lot of insight.

    You’re talking about the real fuel of motivation, the stuff that makes the engine run. I think it’s the most important piece of the puzzle. I might be a really smart guy who learns fast, in good heath, with lots of energy and even money, but if I don’t have a strong purpose that is “front of my mind”, I won’t be able to make the engine (me) run. Without the drive to succeed it doesn’t matter how good I am or how many tools I have, I’ll still be no better than average.

    You have identified the first step of motivation – to dig deep to learn why you want to succeed. Another step is learning how to magnify your purpose so it’s in your thoughts all the time – creating the strong feelings that drive you to your goals. That is a challenge for me to work on.

    Thanks for your post. It helps you attain one of your goals as it made a positive difference for many of us posting here.


  51. Diju says:

    Thanks for the great post!
    Thanks Dan for sharing things which truly motivates you and this is really inspirational and help us to stay focused towards achieving your goals.

  52. GGraham says:

    Hey Dan-

    Thanks for the post – I’m actually motivated enough to leave this comment.

    I realized a few years ago that-

    “You can’t be there without getting there, and it all starts with getting started.”

    Only recently have I started to act on that realization, and gotten going on some Internet Marketing. I see now how much of a “crash and learn” person I am and how, for me, the doing is as important as the done. I guess in that respect I most closely identify with your motivation of facing a challenge and seeing it through. I also have the simple motivation/goal of providing people with the information, products, and services they need and want, in exchange for reasonable compensation for my efforts. Of course, I also have the goal of having fun along the way, but I’m already doing that.

    It all seems so simple. I don’t know how or why it took so long, but I thank God for wiping away all the junk and letting me see where I’m going and how to get there.

    Thanks for your time.


  53. Neil says:

    Dan! I know my post was ‘way above where this one will appear,- but for those who may have read it, the Author of the poem I quoted, was Calvin Coolidge. I think it is worth a Google, – printing out,in large text, and posting on the wall above one’s computer. I need it , and I think others could benefit from it , too.

  54. Denis says:

    My motivations are tha I don’t want to be concerned about money anymore. You know what I mean. Then I want to do stuffs I like like playing/composing music and inventing unique things like new energy sources. You may not believe me guys but I am that type of guy – I used to invent(or reinvent) things and I used to play guitar. Last but not least I really want to help people. This world is nt really a good place. Many people do not stretch their hands for help. I want to help people when they are really in need. To do all this but you need money and you shouldn’t be bothered about money if I am supposed to focus on my goal. This is my motivation.
    BTW I liked your product the moment I saw it because I sensed you are honest. Hope to follow your lead. Thanks.

  55. sorin says:

    Thank you Dan for yours great advices,because i believe that walking around the globe to see the most beautiful places together with the people i love is for me the great motivation.

  56. Hey Dan this is a brilliant post and something I hope everyone thinks of, and heeds well.

    I just was in Ibiza at an amazing villa, (my boyfriend and I did a brilliant barter with the owner for it for us for 2 weeks!) and I have a beautiful picture of the sunset from there with the private pool in the background.

    Any time I feel down or lost or wondering how best to move forwards, I look at this picture and it reminds me:

    1. I started this business to be able to choose to live anywhere abroad comfortably, with my loved ones.

    2. I want to prove to myself that I have what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur.

    3. I want to pay off debts and have a lot more choices in my life than I currently do.

    4. i want to have enough money to do things that are not money focussed – ie community groups, promoting underground music that I love via my record label, etc

    5. I want to earn money to do all these things, whilst providing great value to people and helping them with whatever it is that I make my websites about!

    I wish you all the best with your business, and commend your open-ness and honesty.

    Best wishes, Clare 🙂

  57. Nice post Dan, that’s really true what you say.

    Kind of reminds of the famous saying “what goes around comes around”.

  58. Hey Dan,

    What keeps me motivated is knowing that I have to provide for my wife and my unborn baby. I love what I do and I want to be able to keep doing it knowing that my family will eventually reap the benefits of my hard work.

    As always, thanks again for yet another inspirational post – you’re one of the few left in this business that I still follow.


  59. Bill Toebes says:

    To make money you need money in the form of a grubstake.When you have spent a lifetime working in companies.You expect there is a reward in the form of a pension at the end of the working rainbow.What you don’t expect the company which has sucked in your heart and soul to go broke.Not just broke but mean broke stealing very last dime you have.Sure management is now in court charged with a 20 some million fraud charge.But it does not help you.There is only one choice actually two but the second one does and did not appeal to me.IE kill your self with some of the chemicals you have played with for over 40 years.The other is get of your but and everyday work like you used to do all these years.You keep throwing mud against the wall hoping something will stick.So in my case I keep formulating chemicals to find one which will take off and give you the cash to get started again.I am a self motivator.I get up every morning around 7 or 8 and get at the day.To get somewhere takes the moment I have to scrounge the money to eat.One thing about this you lose weight.But there is nothing I can do because my inspiration comes from my faith

  60. Pam Lawhorne says:

    One word: Freedom!

    Freedom allows me to do
    – what i want
    – when i want
    – where-ever i want to.

    Thanks for the reminder Dan!

    Pam Lawhorne

  61. Pat Kilbourn says:

    Dan, you hit me at the right time. I had lost sight of my motivations. I am disabled, retired, living on a small pension and social security. I am fortunate enough to own my own home with a boarder who pays the mortgage.
    My motivations are:
    1. To be able to afford a bathroom remodel that will accommodate my handicaps.
    2. To start a trust fund for my disabled son so he can continue to live in my house and have funds for medical care when necessary.
    3. To start a trust fund for each of my grandchildren (5) to provide for their college or other post high school education.
    4. To be able to afford household help so the burden of cleaning the whole house does not continue to fall on my wonderful daughter-in-law.
    5. To be able to travel twice a year to visit each of my grandchildren.
    6. To be able to send significant support to the son of a missionary I have support for years as he enters the mission field.
    7. To afford landscaping for my home so that I can enjoy the outdoors.
    8. To prove to my ex-husband that I can do better financially than he has.
    9, To gain the respect of the members of the community in which I work and socialize.
    10. To give meaning to this last stage of my life. I am 68 and both my parents are still living so I feel I have a good 30 years to start this new career.

  62. brian b says:

    Dan goals are what make us succeed. i set goals every week to keep my business o track and i try to make my employees set goal daily to keep there minds focused on the job at hand. Goals are wonder full way to stay organized and stay on track. You can set goals on clicks, goals on traffic goals on sales even goals on time.

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